Co-curricular Ativities

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The deparment is headed by Mr. Bamanya Buhiire Johnson. He has been the games master since 2000.

Ntare School has several sports which include Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Scrabble, Chess, Volley ball, Basket ball, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Athletics, and recently Hockey and Handball were introduced.


The School has a fair competition/participation which is organized at age level as;

Juniors S.1 and S.2

Intermidiates S.3 and S.4

Seniors S.5 and S.6

Every year, the school organizes a sports day and very many students participate. Certificates and prizes are given to the first three participants in each event and this has inspired them to participate. Trophies are also given to the winning houses as categorized above. The biggest trophy is given to the overall winner.


The School also participates and does well at zonal, district, regional, and national levels. Many trophies are in our stores from different levels of competition and from different sports categories.

The most exciting trophy is from the Hockey sport. Hockey was started in 2013 and the School emerged the Fouth [4th] and in 2014, it emerged the National Champions and we represented Uganda in the East African games in Dar –es- Salaam Tanzania together with Rugby where the school emerged the 4th at the National level.

Our students represent the school and district to national level in athletics, cricket, Basketball among others.


Our Sportsmen have benefited a lot to joining Public Universities on Sports ticket. It is Ntare School that sends the biggest number in the whole country. Out of the 20 slots for males, that is 10 arts and 10 science students, below are the statistics for the last 5 five years:

2010 – 2011 8 students

2011 – 2012 9 students

2012 – 2013 7 students

2013 – 2014 13 students

2014 – 2015 17 students

The above data has inspired very many students to join the sports and have benefited greatly by doing courses of their first choice.


Various games are administrered by patrons and the Games master is the overall coordinator.


Some challenges however still exist;

  • Lack of enough equipment in the various games
  • There is still small money budgeted for sports in the school yet the demands of the many games are high.
  • The sports complex inside the school needs a lot of money to build.


We call upon the Old Boys and well wishers to give a hand in building the sports complex.


J.B Bamanya

Sports Master