Medical Services

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v This facility is located at the heart of the school. It has a capacity of twelve (12) beds for in-patients and offers round the clock health services to its clients with basic laboratory services inclusive.

v With a catchment of over 2000 people, this facility takes care of all the health concerns of students, staff and their relatives.

v It is usually well stocked with the necessary drugs and equipment. Services are offered to all clients at no cost.

v The facility boasts of two well experienced staff; a Clinician and a Registered nurse who have been in the business for more than 10 years.

v The facility in addition has got affiliate clinics in the neighborhood that help in dealing with specialized cases for example, dental, opthalmic (eye) and complicated cases that cannot be handled at the school at a subsidized cost.

This ensures that all round care is offered to our clients (students and staff) to keep them as healthy as we possibly can. This in-turn helps to maximize each and everyones potential - to study as in the case of students and work for staff, as we endeavor to keep abreast with our school motto:Better Your Best.

Compiled by; OCHERO GEORGE


School Clinician